Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rockin' Your World

I have favorites. I won't lie, it's true. And while I openly admit that I have favorites, I seem to have a lot of them.

One of my very favorite favorites is Maybelline. I adore her. I'm so happy that she has become a regular! Every 8 weeks I get a visit from my delicate little snuggly ball of fluff. In fact, I finally got to speak to her owner after her last groom, and he had some wonderful things to say!

To summarize, he was delighted with how she looked. He told me he knew what purebred Himalayan Cats were supposed to look like, he'd seen them at cat shows and in pictures of course, but he didn't know that his cat could look like that! He'd always had her professionally groomed and always thought she'd been groomed well, but the difference between that and what I was able to do was astounding. Clearly, I was some kind of Cat Grooming Wizard. He loved the look and feel of the groom, and enjoyed the longevity of it as well. He likes to comb her at home and was thrilled at how much easier it was. And how little effort he had to put into it!

Finally, when I told him how good she was and how much I enjoyed working with her, he told me - no one's ever said that. I'm so happy that you've bonded with her. I feel much better about taking her in for grooming knowing that you two get along so well. I'm committed to bringing her for regular grooming with you. I always want her to look this way!*

*Please note - I have a flaky short term memory and I spoke with her owner about 2 months ago, so this is the gist of the conversation, not an actual word for word recall. Believe me, hearing such honest praise from the owner of the cat that I love to groom and can groom well was about the best thing that happened to me all month.

All that being said, you could imagine how happy I was to walk into work on Tuesday and have Maybelline waiting for me. I always groom her first as it sets a happy, peaceful tone for the day. This day I spent a few extra moments snuggling her against my neck and enjoying the feel of a gentle cat.

Soft and fluffy and ready to snuggle

The first time grooming her took some work. She had tangles and mats and needed time to get everything sorted out. The second time was easier, although she was changing into her Summer Pajamas and we had some shedding hair tangled into healthy coat to contend with. 

Today was a piece of cake. A few little tangles in her mane combed out easily. A good, quick bath and then a blow dry without dematting - she didn't need it! Then it was just a matter of combing, clipping her belly and trimming her face. 

I love how grumpy she always looks

I took a few minutes to snuggle her before I sent her home. I had a very busy day with 6 more cats to do. I loved starting with a sweet and easy to work with cat!

Of course, Tuesday was the day of the Great Virginia Wiggle, which we felt pretty clearly up in Maryland. I was clipping a cat at the time. Being sedated, the cat didn't notice anything. Not being sedated I noticed! Talking with my co workers we were able to determine that most, if not all, of the women noticed the shaking, but none of the men did.

I'm not going to comment on that!

I'm easily amused by things and enjoyed the good natured tongue in cheek OMG EARTHQUAKE!!1!!1!! joking that's taking place.  I posted on a cat grooming Facebook group that I survived grooming in the quake. Someone commented that now I would always be expected to 'rock their world' whenever I groom their cat. I have to say, I'm excited to have experienced my first earthquake, glad it was a minor one and I'm happy that I groomed a cat through it. How many people can say that?

my favorite picture floating around the internet

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