Friday, September 9, 2011

Gettin' Creative

Thanks to the power of the internetz, specifically Facebook, I've become friends with a local woman that is working towards becoming a Certified Feline Master Groomer. She's been studying hard and recently attended the NCGIA's Cat Grooming School, but since she doesn't have a grooming background, she needs more hands on experience.

Remember Sara?

Since I hadn't actually met Anne in person and had no idea of her comfort level, I invited her up to get some practice with Sara.'s Sara and she's kinda like grooming a stuffed toy. Except better, because she gives snuggles. 

Anyway, Anne came up and we had some fun, I got to ramble and tell stories, which I always like, and I was pleased with how well Anne handled the kitty. She has a very gentle, soothing way about her. Get some cat wranglin' mileage on her and we'll have another great CFMG here in Maryland!

I had some free time after she left, so I decided to have a little bit of fun and do some creative grooming. (Now, this is how you can tell how you really love what you do. Your idea of having a good time is doing more work.)

My apologies to Denna

It took me a few tries to get going. Clipping in little details and artwork is different than doing regular clipping. Originally I was thinking of doing an all over swirly pattern, but didn't really 'see' it. After a few minutes of thought, I decided to go with the fancy rose.

I happen to dislike "Magic Eye" creative grooms. You know, the ones that you stare and stare and squint and tilt your head at and still can't figure out what it's supposed to be? Then someone tells you and you're like "Of course! I totally saw it!" My flower was feeling a little vague to me, so I added some color.

you knew it was a flower all along, right?

It's Really Important to remember that cats are extremely delicate creatures that can have fatal reactions to a lot of fairly common things. That means most coloring agents are dangerous to felines. I checked with the manufacturer and my vet prior to trying this product. Still, I use it infrequently and sparingly. Do not go out and start slapping dyes on your cat! It could be harmful to your kitty. And possibly harmful to you, if your cat objects to your grooming efforts.

Despite the fact that Sara got used as a teaching tool in addition to having a full groom done and then had the extra time to add creative clipping and color done, she didn't mind at all. She lounged on the table, snuggled with the groomers, and watched birds through the window. Not a bad way to pass the afternoon!

loving her Spa Day!

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