Monday, August 15, 2011


A while back we had a mini Meet the Groomer session at my work. I wanted to have some examples of the grooming I do, but wrangling multiple cats didn't really appeal to me. Since I know one cat I can always count on, I decided to use her. The drawback, of course, is that I could only demonstrate one style. OR COULD I???

Meet Sara, most dependable of cats!

Sara is a wonderful cat. She travels well, is super friendly, and completely unflappable. She loves being groomed and will let me do just about anything with her. Her only drawback is that she's black and that makes adding color tricky. Also, as a Highland Lynx, her curled ears can be intimidating to some that immediately assume she's aggressive or whatever. In reality, she's a snuggly little cuddly bunny.

To complicate matters, Sara was still grooming out from a creative grooming competition. I decided to have some fun anyway. 

lion clip with full mane on the left

1/2" Clip Comb and tight mane on the right

Side by side comparison of clip lengths

This was a quick and easy way for me to show two popular hair styles on one cat. The Comb Clip was a little wonky, since her coat hadn't grown out enough to remove the pattern. But the overall effect was fun and educational. Everyone enjoyed petting her and feeling the difference between coat lengths. Sara didn't mind (or notice) the different clip. She's a trooper. Afterwards I finished her into a regular Lion Clip with a tight mane. I thought her owner would appreciate having a balanced cat! 

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