Thursday, August 4, 2011

Even More Himalayans!

Recently I groomed a wonderful and super sweet Himalayan. The owner asked if I groomed any other Himmies. Why, yes. Yes, I do! In fact, I think groom more Himalayans than any other breed. It might even rival the number of regular ol' Domestic Long Hairs that I groom. That's a lot of Himmies! Today, I'll tell you about Moses.

Moses would like to go back in his crate
it's right there on the floor!
See it? It's Right. There.

The Hims I do seem to be either itty bitties, like Maybelline or Lilly, or big ol' bruisers like Moses. No in between here! Of course, Himmies also tend to be really, really good or really, REALLY bad (for grooming) with no in between either. It's always fun to see what my Himalayans for the day end up being like.

In reasonably good shape, he needs a good bath and blow dry
Note the pointy, pointy ear tips and overgrown brow
Not the round, cuddly look a Him should have

One of my favorite things about grooming Persians and Himalayans is getting to fix their faces. These cats should have a round, cuddly, sweet and open expression. Look at him, does he look any of those things? No way! Now, some cats will look grumpy no matter what, but a good CFMG like me will be able to help attain a more correct expression. It's a lot fun!

disregarding the color wonkiness (my camera...)
notice how very round his face is

After a few good shampoos, a blow dry and comb out, Moses is looking much more like a cat you'd want to cuddle up with while watching TV or reading a good book. His coat is elegant and flowing. He smells much better, and his expression is much more friendly. Much less Killer Lynx and much more Cuddly Kitty.

Doesn't he look much happier?
(all things considered)

Moses is a  pretty tough boy. But doesn't he look more appealing and less grumpy after his grooming? Sure, he looks like he's thinking unkind thoughts about me and my lineage, but he looks snuggly at the same time. He was a delight to groom, both for the fun before-and-after face and because he was a very good kitty throughout the entire groom. Also a fun change up from my recent bout of teeny weeny Himmis.

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