Friday, June 17, 2011

Maybe She's Born With It...

Maybe it's Maybelline!

I know, I know! I'm so funny. This is Maybelline, an itty bitty, teeny weeny Himalayan that is adorable! I love her. 

As you can see from the picture above, she was in rough shape when she came to see me. I had already talked to her owner and knew she really, really, really didn't want a Lion Clip. I also knew Maybelline hadn't been groomed in something like 5 months. Maybe more, I don't remember. A long time! I recommend that long hair cats kept in Full Coat be groomed at least every 8 weeks, if not more frequently. 

But anyway. She was matted, but not pelted. There's a variety of ways mats are formed and different types of matting. For groomers, mats are like the proverbial Eskimos and names for snow. Luckily, Maybelline's mats were more of a loose webbing, with very few close to the skin. It would take some effort, but not impossible. And it wouldn't be painful, or take a long time.

face needs some attention!

Not every matted cat needs to be shaved. Not every matted cat can be brushed out. It depends on the type of matting and the cat's tolerance for grooming, as well as their physical condition. It's important to judge "dematting" on a case to case basis. Dematting can refer to the brushing as well as clipping out mats. 

Happily for her owner, I have been well trained in the art of cat grooming, use the best products, the best tools, have the best knowledge and a good bit of talent. And happily for Maybelline, that means a quick, painless, stress free way to groom. 

The WOW Factor!

don't let the grumpy face fool you,
Maybelline is feeling, and looking, much better 

I wish I had taken more pictures. They may be worth a thousand words, but it can't compare to getting to experience a freshly groomed cat in person. Since Maybelline's owner is actually a co worker, you bet I carried her (Maybelline, not her owner!) around to show her off! Everyone was amazed, especially the girls that saw her before she was groomed. 

Of course, carrying her about the building to show her off meant a few extra minutes to cuddle. Sometimes...I love my job!

one last look:
the side by side before and after

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures with Not Cats

Believe it or not, sometimes I do things that are completely unrelated to cats. I know! I find it unbelievable, too.

Sometimes these 'not cat' things can be interesting, and sometimes I take pictures. And sometimes, I think I'll share them with you! Today is one of these days. So to kick off Adventures with Not Cats, I present A Day At The Union Mills Homestead.

the mill

It's been hot as heck this week. I believe it's been in the upper 90's all week. When I'm not grooming cats, I work on a horse farm. Let me tell you, it's been a long week. But I know a great place to go to cool down. I love the homestead. I love the huge open areas. I love the big old trees. There's a pond, a creek (Big Pipe, I think) plus the Homestead itself.

I love these trees. This picture doesn't do them justice

meet Haiku
I like to make her pose by stuff, like this bridge

Haiku doesn't handle the heat. AT ALL
So we found this path...

it led here!

"you're going to make me swim, aren't you?"

I love Haiku. I'm pretty sure my entire life revolves around her. But I've always wanted a water dog. And Haiku did not come liking water. In fact, I had to teach her to like going in. Hooray for clicker training and yummy treats! Now she likes going in and splashing up to her little ankles. My goal this year is to help her enjoy actually swimming.

omg! omg! omg!

Don't let the bug eyes fool you, the bottom is only a few inches below her paws. In fact, she was standing on her tippy toes before she tried swimming.

so far she's willing to swim in half circles around me
it's a start!

after the creek, we saw some pretty flowers

posing at the dam
Haiku is concerned I might make her go swimming again



I hope you enjoyed the first Not Cat adventure. Haiku and I enjoyed our day. It ended with a bath (of course!) and a sleepy little dog. It's not a day grooming cats, but we had fun anyway!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not just for Fancy Pants!

It's my firm belief that all cats benefit from professional grooming. Most people seem comfortable with the fact that long hair cats and purebred cats need regular grooming, but really, short hairs, medium hairs, thick coated, silky coats and everything in between...they all need regular human based grooming. I say human based, because really, cats are just so lazy about using combs and shampoo!

oh hai there

Iiiii'm a short hair and I have mats!

ouch. mats and dirty, oily hair
oh, I'm shedding too, can you see it?

he-llooo ladies!

Personal Critique:
still a bit oily on the chest/neck
see the separation?
Darn it all  -  I hate not being perfect!!

Minor "bad groomer" imperfection aside,
check it out - mats removed
NO clipping needed!
Just a small bare spot that will grow in quickly
and is barely noticeable when he's not being stretched out for a picture

not perfect? How dare you!
Can I go home now?

I groom a number of short haired cats. You may remember Lexus from my last post. The main reason short coated cats come to me for professional grooming is shedding. Of course, once you feel a cat that's been groomed by a Master Feline Groomer, you'll never want to go back to that oily, chalky feeling kitty!