Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Love My Cat

This cat. I love her.

Yes, I may have cussed her out from 5-6:30am
when she was leaping around, licking my eyelids, shoving her paws in my nose
and otherwise being obnoxious
(she's like that every day, twice a day. Yay, steroids.)

Feed me, puny human. NOW.

But yesterday I slept through both alarms and the only reason
I woke up was because of the THUMP WHUMP THUD
of her body slamming and tumbling against the door.

I even made it to work before I was "late".

Sleeping peacefully now that her tummy is full

Just a minute ago she jumped onto my lap
leaned against me and started purring.
And purring. And purring.
And she looked at me with that look only contented cats have.
The one of pure bliss, that says
"everything is right with my world"

Then she nipped me on the wrist and ran away.

I love cats <3
especially mine

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flooffy Ragdoll

I have been super busy recently. Lots of greasy, matted, nasty cats coming in my door - with just as many squeaky clean, beautiful kitties leaving!

My last few grooming days I've forgotten to bring my camera, which is such a shame. I've had some very interesting cats that I'd love to have shared. Bad groomer!

I can't remember this Ragdoll's name, but she was a hoot!
Meowing, tumbling and loving nonstop for her entire groom.

Taking pictures was almost impossible

A rare moment of stillness

This kitty had the personality of most of the cats I groomed this week. Happy, enthusiastic and loving. So much so that she was almost hard to groom! But I'll take a happy cat over a grumpy one any day, even if it's hard to clip a belly in mid tumble!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainy Days are Good Days

Good day for snuggling up in a fuzzy blankie

Maybe a snooze on the sofa

Or wherever you find a comfy spot

But don't forget to be careful
some spots are safer than others!

I hope you have a happy Friday!
If it happens to be rainy and stormy, please cuddle up
with your favorite pets, enjoy a good book
a favorite movie or tv show
or just listen to the rain. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh hey, Sara...!

What? I'm trying to nap in the Amaryllis. 

I have something to tell you! 
And besides, you know Amaryllis are toxic to cats...

Napping. Not eating. 
Now what do you want?

You know how I like to practice creative grooming with you?
Remember the time I did some random ramblings for that Open House?

Yes...weren't you trying for autumn leaves?

 No one likes a smart-cat, Sara.
Besides, I called it Abstract Fireworks. No one knew.

Until now.


That's a poodle, Beth. I'm a cat.


Following the Best in Show awards and for the first time at Groom Expo, groomers will have the opportunity to showcase the beauty in simplicity by entering Saturday evening’s abstract runway competition. Taking place between Saturday’s dinner and the Barkleigh Honors Awards, the competition features beautifully sculpted, simple abstract designs that use minimal color, if any. These designs should be doable in one day and be appropriate for a client’s dog or cat. Without any elaborate scenery or costumes, contestants will rely on their designs and complementary stylist’s attire as they compete.

Oh, I get it now.

Are you smirking or winking? 


Kinda creepy, Sara.

Would you prefer I recline gracefully on a table while looking
shyly off in the distance?

Yes. That's perfect!

Anyway, what do you think? We'll go, I'll clip a pattern, we'll walk down a runway together,
everyone will admire you and you know you love going to shows.

I do like when everyone makes a fuss over me...ok, let's do it!
How are you doing to clip me?

I was thinking some swirly. I tend to be good at swirls. 

Are you going to practice this time?

Well...not on you. Not enough time. I'm sure I can find someone to practice on.
It'll be fine!


You're very supportive. Maybe YOU should wear the fancy dress 
and I'll wear the fancy haircut!


*I* will lounge on the table, allow you to clip me as I take in the sights
and allow my fans to gaze upon me. 

Thanks, Sara. Sounds like a plan! We're going to have a great time.

Not a problem. I'm looking forward to being a star!
Hey, can I go back to my nap now?

Sure, good ahead. Enjoy your snooze.

Beauty sleep, not that I need it!

And that's how Sara and I decided to compete at Hershey Groom Expo in just a few weeks. Five. 
Five weeks. Not that I'm counting. 
Time to start sketching out designs!