Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Itty Bitty Himmis!

she did not want to look at the camera. Did Not.

This is Mia, she came to visit me awhile ago. She's adorable! and I loved every minute of grooming her. She had actually been groomed the month before, but the owner was unhappy with the results.

doesn't she look like she's wearing chaps? 

To be fair, I think this was a case of the groomer being too literal in his interpretations of the owner's instructions. I imagine they went something like, "shave body, leave legs and head long". And that's more or less what he did.

 Mia was kinda camera shy, but she has a BIG honkin' mane left, and lots of fluffy tail. And of course, her face is untrimmed and wild.

Her owner didn't like how short she had been done originally, but liked the length she had grown out to. All I needed to do was even her out and correct the style.

the correct facial styling really opens up the eyes
and reveals her sweet expression 

There we go. One length all over, nice and smooth. Scraggly legs fixed. Mane clipped much closer to her head. Face styled. Knowing how to groom a face to breed standard makes a world of difference! I'm still figuring out how to shape cheeks. Getting better all the time! At least...I hope I am!


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  1. Wow! All of the cats that you've groomed look absolutely beautiful! Mia especially looks so MUCH better without 'chaps'. : ) Great work! : )