Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two, Two, Two Times the Fun! (Part 1)

I was going to write just one post about two pairs of cats that I groom. I love them to pieces! But then I was watching some MLP: FiM and kept thinking of Pinkie Pie exclaiming that twin baby ponies were two, two, two times the fun! And I realized I would need to find a third pair. Since I need to think on that, I'm splitting it into three posts. 

Ah, now that the long, probably unnecessary  intro is over, please meet some of my favorite kitties, Goldie and Zushia, a beautiful pair of Siberian Cats. 

No. Gonna hide in the CORNER. 

Awww, hi Zushia! I love your hour glass facial markings.

I love Siberians, and I was over the moon excited when I saw two pop up on my schedule. I groom these ladies when they board. Luckily, they stay with us on a pretty regular basis, so I groom them about every other month. Unlike some kitties that are in desperate need of a professional grooming, Goldie and Zu have always been pretty tidy kitties. Of course, they look exquisite now that they get the special Beth Rex touch! 

Hmmm...'Beth Rex touch". I don't think I'm going to keep that as a catch phrase. It's kinda weird. Forget I said anything! Let me distract you with Goldie.


Aw, what's with you girls? Not in a picture taking mood?

Maybe I'm grumpy!

Ha! No, you're not. Neither of you are! Goldie and Zushia are little love bugs. Sometimes they get a little nervous, but in general they love being groomed. Actually, they love being dried. They stretch out and purr and air knead their little paws. Well, their paws are pretty big, but trust me, it's cute!

I love these two! They're a lot alike in so many ways, yet, in many ways they're not. I would love to know what they're like at home, I bet they're fun. Zushia often looks a little concerned, but Goldie usually has a lovely, soft expression on her face. Except when I start taking pictures.  Maybe next time I'll get their true expressions. 

I doubt it!

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