Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh Noes! Extra Toes!

Being a cat groomer, there are certain things I expect. For instance, when I open a cat carrier, I expect to see a cat.

Hi Dobby!

That's what I expect to see when I open a carrier. So you can imagine my confusion when I opened a carrier and saw this:


It barely seemed to weigh anything, so I began to wonder if there was actually a cat in there... found me...

This little cutie was around 6 months old. I've groomed her 'big sis', Dobby, a few times before. I cannot remember this kitten's name for love or money. It makes me sad, she's really cute!

She and Dobby are both Domestic Shorthairs and both get Full Coat Grooms, which is a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ears wiped and comb out. Dobby also gets a little mini deshed.

Dobby is a striking feline to be sure!

While Dobby is a regular DSH, I noticed something interesting about her new friend. Let me show you!




How cool is that? She's a polydactal! Which simply means she has a genetic defect that causes extra toes. Polys do require extra attention, the nails on the extra toes tend to grow and grow until they grow into the pad. Ouch! I recommend weekly paw checks and trimming as needed. Talk with your favorite veterinarian or Certified Feline Master Groomer for tips on how to do this safely and easily. Other than that, polys are just regular ol' cats. Of course, many people might recognize them as the favorite of author Ernest Hemingway, which gives them their nickname of Hemingway's Cats. In fact, the Hemingway House in Key West still has a healthy population of polydactal cats. If you check out the linked website, please ignore the statement:

The polydactyl cats are not a particular breed. The trait can appear in any breed, Calicos, Tabbies, Tortoise Shell. White, Black, etc. They vary in shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.

Those are colors, not breeds! *facepalm* The Hemingway cats look to all be Domestic Shorthairs, in a variety of colors, as DSHs tend to be. 

Seriously, how cute is this kitten!

I'm happy to report that this little girl is just as lovely in nature as her big sister, Dobby. I can't wait until their next visit. I love extra toes!

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