Friday, April 5, 2013

Two, Two, Two Times the Fun (Part 2)

Last year I had a "May" on my schedule. They showed up late, holding a big ol' Maine Coon and the first thing he said was "Don't shave my cat." My internal monologue? "Ugh." A quick check told me that while she was dirty, greasy and had some mats, I would not need to clip her down. Her owner agreed to a belly clip which would remove the worst of the mats without having to go Full Lion Clip. A happy, shiny, mat free cat left a few hours later. I told her owner she would need regular grooming at least every 6-8 weeks to maintain her now lovely coat and prevent the nastiness she came in with. I remember thinking, "If I ever see her again, it's going to be in a year or two and she'll be in exactly the same condition."

Well, a week or two later April came to see me. Another big ol' Maine Coon. The woman told me they were so happy with how May looked, that they had to have April done as well. She warned me that April was nervous and had been given some Elavil (vet prescribed) to make her not stress so much. April didn't have near the greasiness or matting that sister May did, and she went home happily sporting just a sanitary clip.

And despite my cynical thoughts, April and May now come to see me on a regular basis, every 8 weeks. Shame on me for doubting!

Even though she's a little grungy, May comes in tangle free and looking pretty good. A little greasy, but not too bad.

She leaves looking much prettier. Look how shiny and silky!

May LOVES being groomed. All I have to do is gently push her and she lays right down and lets me clip her belly. 

She'll lay quietly until I ask her to get up or roll over so I can clip the other side. 

April is also excellent for her grooming. She no longer shows any sign of being worried (or takes any meds prior to her appointment) and is just as agreeable as May. 

She likes to stretch out on her side and doze off. If I stop what I'm doing, say to take a picture, she'll sit up and look at me like, "what's the hold up? Keep combing!"


I'm so happy these girls are regulars! I love coming in and grooming such striking, well behaved cats. The icing on the cake is that their owners truly love them. I can tell by how they talk about their cats. No, there's not lovey dovey kitty coo baby talk, but there's affectionate teasing, funny stories and that smile when they look at their cats. They ask questions about their health, and follow through on the recommendations.

April and May's owner tells me that since they've begun their regular "Kitty Spa Days" with me, the girls shed less, so she doesn't need to vacuum as often. Also, her allergies have lessened. Plus she doesn't mind them sleeping on her bed, since their sanitary clips keep them nice and tidy. Hmmm...less housework, less severe allergies and cleaner pillows? Sounds like Kitty Spa Day really works for them!

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