Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Black Cats

Meet Star. She's an older kitty and has never been professionally groomed before.

Yuck! People keep saying that cats groom themselves, but you guys, they are SO BAD at it!

I promise you this is the same cat. Same day. Actually, these pictures were taken only 2 hours apart. It's not magic, just some hard work and know how. 

Star thought the whole thing was a little scary, but not too bad. Her owners warned me ahead of time that Starlight tends to be easily frightened, and I know they were apprehensive about having her groomed. Since I've groomed their other kitty, they know they could trust me to take care of their little scaredy cat. I was happy to report to them that Star did wonderfully for her grooming. Very brave! 

Next up: Francis! It's been almost 3 months since I last saw her. She's a little grungy, a little flakey and dandruffy, but don't worry. I'll fix it! (Sorry, folks. No 'before' photo of Francis. Just trust me, she was ready for some grooming!)

Stunning. Don't you wish your cat looked this good?! Don't you wish you could pick her and snuggle her? I do! But I won't. I'll tell you why...

Francis doesn't especially like me. That's ok. Sometimes that happens. I like Francis, though. And I love making her look so good! She loves her family, they love her, and that is good enough for me.

Finally, my cat. Just sleeping in her usual sleeping position. This cat is so weird! 

I love her! 

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  1. Thank you Beth!!! Its been several weeks now since Star had her debut with you and her coat looks great and loves her daily brushing's.