Friday, October 21, 2011

Mischief Managed

Remember the calico cat from this post? I had no idea who it was. Didn't remember her at all. Couldn't think of her name, or when I groomed her. A big blank. Well, the other day I had a cat on my schedule that I had apparently groomed a few months ago. Mischief? Who's that? Drew a huge blank. Didn't remember grooming it. No idea what it was like. Now, my memory is like Swiss cheese, but I usually remember pets I've groomed.

I bet you've figured it out. That cat was the same cat I couldn't remember from last post! Hee hee hee. It amused me. I still don't remember grooming her though.

I can't *believe* you don't remember me!

When her owner dropped her off, she said to me, "You must have given her a brain transplant in addition to grooming her last time!"

This statement concerned me greatly and I was afraid of what psychological changes my grooming had created for her cat. 

Then she continued, "She's gotten so friendly! I know you told me it could happen, but I didn't believe you. She jumps up on the sofa to sit next to us, she lets us pet her more and she comes up for affection. We've had this cat 10 years and she's never been like this! I guess she likes her hair short. Let's do that always."

Being in a Lion Clip makes me snuggley

While I don't remember any of this, it is totally true! Even though a few cats make appear 'embarrassed' or unhappy with a haircut, the majority of them really enjoy, if not the grooming itself, the effects of being groomed. And why not? Animals (including people!) feel and act better when they are clean and tangle free. Some cats really enjoy being in short coat. I guess it feels more comfortable for them. Sara is one of those cats, by the way.

Never professionally groomed at 10 years old
Mischief is clumpy, greasy, uncomfortable
and prefers to hide in the corner

Now, I don't remember grooming this cat. I don't remember if she was good for her grooming or not. Her owner indicated that I had told her Mischief was grouchy at first, but once clipped down, had gotten considerably better. This seems logical and like something I would tell the owner. 

Mischief 'yelled' at me the entire time she was groomed

I was surprised by how good she was for her grooming. Now, she did 'yell' at me the entire time I groomed her! A fairly constant, loud meowing that reminded me of an irritated person saying "Hey! Hey you! Hey! Heeeey!". Some cats will 'talk' to me. "Meow?" And I'll say something, and they'll meow back. This was different. She was mrowing AT me, not TO me. She didn't seem upset at all though. In fact, she seemed to really enjoy being clipped! She lounged on the table and laid contentedly when I moved her around. Her bath was quick and easy. She was perfectly placid for her blow dry. 

a rare moment of quiet
Doesn't she look kinda smug, like yeah, I'm so pretty!

I really enjoyed grooming this cat. She was so good and so easy to work with. I knew she would continue to be a happier cat, and in turn, her owner would get more enjoyment from her. Such a wonderful feeling! When I put her away to wait for her owner, one of the other groomers asked sympathetically, "bad cat, huh? I could hear her carrying on!" I just laughed and told her that despite the yelling, this was the best cat I'd groomed in awhile!

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