Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brave, Stupid, Both?

Guys. I've been slacking. Ideally my goal is to get a post a week. Maybe two if I'm feeling chatty. Here's the problem: I hate editing pictures. And pictures are important. I bet most people have never seen a cat being groomed. Most people still don't know cats *can* be groomed! Besides, who wants to read a blog without pictures? 'Whoo boy. I groomed this cat that was so matted! Then I shaved 'n bathed it and it looked great! No, really, it was awesome. You shoulda been there!'


So, yes, I have tons of pictures that only need a few clicks to edit and watermark before they're ready to entertain you. Last week I caught a head cold, which wasn't too bad, but it dragged on and I didn't really feel like doing much. I tried a few times to catch up on the pictures, but quickly realized I didn't feel like being vertical. Or awake.

Anyway, I'm almost over it. Not quite, but I think this evening I'm going to try going to yoga class. If I can handle that, then I have no excuse not to edit those pics!

Of course, I didn't write all this up to elicit sympathy, whine or make excuses. Honest. Ok, maybe a little. No, I really wrote this because I have to share something. Something that surprised me so much that it would have knocked me on my ass if I hadn't been sitting already. Something that made me laugh and brightened my whole day.

I'm shamelessly taking this from the National Cat Groomers Institute of America's e-newsletter:

Diary of a Student. Where is she now? 

Beth Rex, CFMG, CFCG was one of the first four brave souls to invest in a 2-week cat grooming school course when everyone else thought it was a bit weird. That makes Beth brave or stupid or both. (We prefer to think BRAVE!). As it turned out, Beth was not only extremely brave to embark on this new venture into unknown territory, but she was also brave when it came to wrangling mean, feisty kitties with 18 claws and very sharp teeth. Beth, we quickly learned, is also very talented and very smart. The making of an excellent cat groomer, to be sure!

Since graduating from the NCGIA in January 2010, Beth sold her dog grooming business and set out to become a feline-exclusive groomer. In April of 2010, Beth, being the brave soul that she is, took a stab at the Feline Fantasy Creative Cat Grooming Competition held at Intergroom. She placed first with her creative rendition of a cat being eaten by a shark.  

"Diary of a Student"* is a blog on the NCGIA website that is authored by Beth and details her experiences while at the cat grooming school. To get an idea of what it's like during those two weeks, please read her blog. Both humorous and informational, the blog is an easy read.

Also, check out Beth's own blog, entitled "The Finical Feline" which contains lots of photographs of cats before and after they are groomed as well as dialogue between her and her many clients.

Beth was also featured recently on PetEdge's own blog simply because they thought her entry was interesting, entertaining, and unique. Check it out here.

It is truly amazing to see so many CFMGs be successful at growing their businesses and finding themselves with a great deal of positive media buzz! This makes us proud!

I absolutely adore the folks at the NCGIA. They're incredible, talented, strong and opinionated! And every once in a while they surprise me with something like this. Thank you ladies!

*Just thought I'd mention, The Diary of a Student blog is only semi factual. Danelle asked me to write somewhat generically, so that it could have been written by any one of the students in the current class, or in any class at all, really. Apparently the current (at the time) class had some fun trying to figure out who it was! Heehee, it was a fun little project, and the secrecy made it even more enjoyable for me! To my knowledge, this is the first time I've been named as a real author of the blog. 

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