Friday, April 12, 2013

Two, Two, Two Times the Fun! (Part 3)

For my final pair of Fun Kitties, I bring you Mosby and Jasmine. I've been grooming them for a couple years, and I love them to pieces!

Mosby is a Blue Domestic Shorthair. With fabulous yellow-green eyes!

He's a sweetie. Although he was feeling rather feisty the day I took these photos and looks kinda sinister. 

Hahaha! It cracks me up, I love these pictures! Mosby is actually very friendly and easy to work with. As is his "sister" Jasmine. She's just lovely.

She has the plushest coat you can imagine. So soft. Very dense. She comes in for a regular deshedding treatment and it really pays off. Other than her big Spring and Fall seasonal sheds (where I pull TONS of loose undercoat out!) her shedding has really decreased. Because she has so much undercoat, she comes in more often than Mosby. He's got a nice slick coat with very little extra puff underneath. 

Jasmine doesn't love her special spa days, but she does enjoy being held and cuddled. When I work with Jaz I try and cradle her as much as possible. I hold her in my lap while I dry her, when I'm combing or deshedding I wrap my arm around her. Giving her lots of physical contact makes her feel safer and helps her enjoy her grooming. And of course, I let them snuggle up together when they're all done!

I started grooming their 'big brother' Hank right after I become a CFMG more than 3 years ago. After about a year of regular, every 8 week appointments, his owners decided they wanted their other two kitties to look, feel and smell as good as Hank. I love all three of these cats. They're sweet, gentle and have a little bit of spunk that just makes them fun. Plus their owners love their cats! I always enjoy when any of these kitties come in. I know it's going to be a good day!

I hoped you've enjoyed meeting some of my favorite pairs of cats! 

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