Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Adventures in Not Cats! (sort of)

I have some exciting news! Recently I entered a cupcake decorating contest held by, one of the big grooming community websites. The deal was to decorate a cupcake or batch of cupcakes related to pet grooming. So of course I choose cat grooming! And...

my cupcakes won!

cat grooming, as told through cupcakes

the clippers were a huge hit!

scrub-a-dub-dub, kittehs in the tub!

This was a ton of fun for me! I love to bake, I love to do creative things. It's actually really hard for me to come up with ideas, but once I get started..! I have to admit, I didn't practice at all. Execution of my designs weren't quite what I hoped. Not to say I'm not happy with my cupcakes, I am! I think they turned out pretty darn well. Maybe next year I'll do a practice batch, though. You can view all the entries here. Thanks to and everyone who entered!

In addition to that excitement, I had submitted some before and after pictures of cats I've groomed to Petedge, one of the major pet grooming suppliers. They have a blog and in addition to posts about equipment, techniques and other great information, they do groomer showcases. A few weeks ago they did a spotlight on cat grooming. Neat! 

Naturally, I got really excited about this and sent in a ton of pictures and stories. I may have felt the need to apologize for how much I sent in! Someone from Petedge contacted me and said they loved my submission and I would definitely be in the Showcase. Yeah! 

Imagine my disappointment when Groomer's Showcase Cat Edition was published and I was most definitely NOT included. I was crushed. So I checked my email to see if maybe PE had sent me an explanation. 

Did they ever! 
Hi Beth,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that we loved your information and
pictures so much that we're planning on featuring you in a separate Groomer
Showcase article in about a week.

We'll let you know when it goes live ;) Thank you again!

Well, shucks. I can't complain about that! A few more emails back and forth and my feature was posted yesterday.

I'm a bit flabbergasted. What an honor to be featured by such a huge part of the pet grooming industry! I know I've put in a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears (sooo many tears!) into my career as a groomer, in particular, as a cat specialist, but I feel so lucky to have great things like this happen. I never would be where I am today without the National Cat Groomer's Institute of America and having become a CFMG. And for sure without my fabulous customers! Many of my clients tell me how happy they are that they've found me, and the difference I've made in their lives, simply by grooming their cat. Grooming is about more than a paycheck for me, so it's incredible and humbling to hear the stories some of my customers tell me. A huge thank you to all of you that allow me to groom your cats! I love it! 

And huge thanks to those that support and encourage the grooming industry! This week I'm especially grateful to Petedge, and the NCGIA, for all the opportunity and support these companies provide not only for me, but for professional groomers, pet owners and everyone in between. Thanks!!!!

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