Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not just for Fancy Pants!

It's my firm belief that all cats benefit from professional grooming. Most people seem comfortable with the fact that long hair cats and purebred cats need regular grooming, but really, short hairs, medium hairs, thick coated, silky coats and everything in between...they all need regular human based grooming. I say human based, because really, cats are just so lazy about using combs and shampoo!

oh hai there

Iiiii'm a short hair and I have mats!

ouch. mats and dirty, oily hair
oh, I'm shedding too, can you see it?

he-llooo ladies!

Personal Critique:
still a bit oily on the chest/neck
see the separation?
Darn it all  -  I hate not being perfect!!

Minor "bad groomer" imperfection aside,
check it out - mats removed
NO clipping needed!
Just a small bare spot that will grow in quickly
and is barely noticeable when he's not being stretched out for a picture

not perfect? How dare you!
Can I go home now?

I groom a number of short haired cats. You may remember Lexus from my last post. The main reason short coated cats come to me for professional grooming is shedding. Of course, once you feel a cat that's been groomed by a Master Feline Groomer, you'll never want to go back to that oily, chalky feeling kitty! 

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