Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures with Not Cats

Believe it or not, sometimes I do things that are completely unrelated to cats. I know! I find it unbelievable, too.

Sometimes these 'not cat' things can be interesting, and sometimes I take pictures. And sometimes, I think I'll share them with you! Today is one of these days. So to kick off Adventures with Not Cats, I present A Day At The Union Mills Homestead.

the mill

It's been hot as heck this week. I believe it's been in the upper 90's all week. When I'm not grooming cats, I work on a horse farm. Let me tell you, it's been a long week. But I know a great place to go to cool down. I love the homestead. I love the huge open areas. I love the big old trees. There's a pond, a creek (Big Pipe, I think) plus the Homestead itself.

I love these trees. This picture doesn't do them justice

meet Haiku
I like to make her pose by stuff, like this bridge

Haiku doesn't handle the heat. AT ALL
So we found this path...

it led here!

"you're going to make me swim, aren't you?"

I love Haiku. I'm pretty sure my entire life revolves around her. But I've always wanted a water dog. And Haiku did not come liking water. In fact, I had to teach her to like going in. Hooray for clicker training and yummy treats! Now she likes going in and splashing up to her little ankles. My goal this year is to help her enjoy actually swimming.

omg! omg! omg!

Don't let the bug eyes fool you, the bottom is only a few inches below her paws. In fact, she was standing on her tippy toes before she tried swimming.

so far she's willing to swim in half circles around me
it's a start!

after the creek, we saw some pretty flowers

posing at the dam
Haiku is concerned I might make her go swimming again



I hope you enjoyed the first Not Cat adventure. Haiku and I enjoyed our day. It ended with a bath (of course!) and a sleepy little dog. It's not a day grooming cats, but we had fun anyway!

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