Monday, February 11, 2013

Abstract Practice With Lexus

So, this post is way overdue! Remember waaaay back in August (August! I'm such a slacker!) when I decided to do the Abstract Creative Runway competition with Sara? Obviously, we didn't win, but we did have a good time! Well, I've got a huge back log of fun creative stuff, but it's no fun to jump into new news without wrapping up the old.

In addition to practicing with Tiger, I also got to practice with a client's cat, Lexus. I hadn't expected to get a second practice cat, but I'm really happy I did! I happened to be chatting with her owner and told her about the upcoming competition and she instantly offered Lexus for practice. Since she was due for a groom it worked out perfectly. Purr-fectly, I mean.

I still wanted to do something swirly, but decided to try a more vine like pattern. I really love the result! At the time, I thought I would have to groom in the competition ring, so my practice included using my cordless clippers to clip down her coat. I haven't had much luck using my cordless to do comb clips, especially on Lexus. I suppose I could have smoothed it out afterwards with my corded clippers...hindsight!

Lexus is such a sweet cat, it's always a pleasure to work with her. She also has a HUGE booming purr, and she purrs all the time! Her naturally large, round, round eyes sometimes make her look extra surprised or angry, but don't let it fool you. She's a big softy and loves being groomed.

She's not amused by picture taking. She thinks I should be either grooming her or petting her. Walking around, pointing flashing boxes, and making funny noises are neither grooming nor petting, and therefore unacceptable.

Her design is completely free hand. I'm extra pleased with how even and consistent the lines were. Since I wasn't using the full width of the blade, it's easy to vary widths.

She's clearly asking if I'm done yet!

I'm very thankful to Lexus and her owner! It's wonderful to have great cats to practice on. Even better, freely given and unexpected offers! I was reminded by Danelle, President of the NCGIA, what a lucky groomer I was. "After all, not just anyone gets to practice with a Lexus!

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