Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Love My Cat

This cat. I love her.

Yes, I may have cussed her out from 5-6:30am
when she was leaping around, licking my eyelids, shoving her paws in my nose
and otherwise being obnoxious
(she's like that every day, twice a day. Yay, steroids.)

Feed me, puny human. NOW.

But yesterday I slept through both alarms and the only reason
I woke up was because of the THUMP WHUMP THUD
of her body slamming and tumbling against the door.

I even made it to work before I was "late".

Sleeping peacefully now that her tummy is full

Just a minute ago she jumped onto my lap
leaned against me and started purring.
And purring. And purring.
And she looked at me with that look only contented cats have.
The one of pure bliss, that says
"everything is right with my world"

Then she nipped me on the wrist and ran away.

I love cats <3
especially mine

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