Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flooffy Ragdoll

I have been super busy recently. Lots of greasy, matted, nasty cats coming in my door - with just as many squeaky clean, beautiful kitties leaving!

My last few grooming days I've forgotten to bring my camera, which is such a shame. I've had some very interesting cats that I'd love to have shared. Bad groomer!

I can't remember this Ragdoll's name, but she was a hoot!
Meowing, tumbling and loving nonstop for her entire groom.

Taking pictures was almost impossible

A rare moment of stillness

This kitty had the personality of most of the cats I groomed this week. Happy, enthusiastic and loving. So much so that she was almost hard to groom! But I'll take a happy cat over a grumpy one any day, even if it's hard to clip a belly in mid tumble!

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