Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Here!

I swear it! Taking a vacation is hard work, I had no idea. In fact, I just finished the last of the vacation laundry. I'm not sure how it took two weeks to get that done, but at least it finally is.

Bubba the Russian Blue 

I've been super busy since returning to Maryland. In addition to all the post vacation work, my old lady horse bumped her knee pretty badly, so I've been spending lots and lots of extra time babying her. The good news is that she's doing much better AND she only needs one more day of stall rest. Whew!

Moses the Himalayan

Since I don't have a 'real' post today, I thought I'd just pop in, wave, and say hi. And I can do that, 'cause it's my blog! Because you can't see me wave, I decided to toss up a few pictures. I opened a random folder and found pictures of grumpy old men. Well, cats. It cracked me up, and I knew that was what I wanted to share with the world. 

Hurley the Himalayan

All of these cats are regular customers. And they are all really nice cats. But they all have classically 'grumpy old man' faces! 

Moby the Domestic Shorthair

I hope this amused you as much as it did me! I love when cats look grumpy. Especially if they're not really grumpy. No one in this bunch was actually unhappy while I groomed them. It just looks like it. Hmmm...not sure if that's really much better..!

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