Monday, May 9, 2011

With a Twist

Recently my friend asked me to groom her cat. Harry is a Domestic Medium Hair that was found in a dumpster, with his brother Ron, at about 6 or so weeks old. I don't remember the story, but somehow they ended up living with my friend as "first cats". They've been quite the pair! But she loves 'em.

Anyway, Harry gets hot in the summer and lives in a non air conditioned home. So this year we decided to put him in a lion clip to help him stay cool. My friend knew she wanted to do this, and should do it, for Harry's sake, but she wasn't sure if she would like how it would look. And because she's my friend and we once cut class together, I figured I could do something special.

 staring longingly at the hung up smocks

You know, something fun to distract her, just in case she didn't like his new look. Something she would enjoy, even if she did like the lion clip. Something that would be fun for me to try.


I have always wanted to try doing a ribbon tail. I *love* how it looks! It's harder than I thought, and I had anticipated it being tricky. Very happy I finally got to try it out. Lots of practice and perfecting still needed!  Harry could take it or leave it.

meh. Leave it.

His owner ended up loving his new 'do', but she especially liked his fancy new tail! She was happy, I was happy, and Harry...well, Harry will be more comfortable this summer. Despite being a Very Good Kitty, he didn't much care for being groomed. He thought snuggling into the smocks hanging next to the table would be way better.

one more. Because it is so cool looking!

I just have to add this comment Harry's owner left me: 

so i just had to leave you a note and tell you how much happier Harry is lately! He's been acting like a different cat and I think it has something to do with his new do! (can we shave Ron down too....? lol)

Happy cats. Happy owners. It's what I do!

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