Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lovely Day!

Now that the crazy storms have passed, we're being treated to some beautiful Spring weather. It's been cool, with enough sun to warm things up, some breezes and some puffy clouds for fun.

My work day matched that. My first cat was absolutely adorable! My second cat was a big bruiser of a Himalayan. Both went home looking beautiful and their owners were thrilled. I love delighting cat owners with a perfectly groomed cat. Their cat!

Pictures of both to come soon. My camera is frustrating. While it can take very nice pictures, and has many settings to ensure you can take very nice pictures, it has so many, very precise, settings that I'm pretty much guaranteed to be using it wrong! My grooming space is actually a closet, and seems to throw an amber cast when photographing in it. You may have noticed...

Tomorrow I'm grooming my own kitty (finally!), that's her above. Plus I have a wonderful Domestic Short Hair ready for her summertime shave. This afternoon I got a message from a friend saying she wants to get her cat trimmed, would that be something I would be interested in? Would it ever! I truly love grooming cats. I'm so lucky to have found great teachers, great friends and great clients to be able to turn something I love doing into a career!

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