Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm Sure I Don't Need To Tell You...

...that it's a bit nippy outside!

So please...even if your pet looks like the cutest little bear cub, they need to be inside!

Dangers such as frostbite, getting lost or trapped, or freezing to death are very real. Be smart, be responsible! Pets don't often make good choices, it's up to us knowledgeable, reasoning people to do the right thing to keep them safe.

Also, be sure to wash salt off your pet's feet! Products used to melt ice can cause painful chemical burns on your pet's feet. This can easily be avoided by simply using tepid water to rinse their paws each time they come in. A gentle, pet safe shampoo can also be used, just be sure to rinse thoroughly. 

Cats are also prone to cuddling up on warm things, and can easily have their pads burned. If you notice your cat is limping, doesn't want to move or seems uncomfortable, immediately check their paws. Look for swelling, redness, cracking or bleeding. Call their vet for further information on how to care for them. No one should have the bottom of their feet burned! Ouchie.

Or better yet, just stay inside and snuggle up with your friends. 

Be safe, stay warm!

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