Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!

A few weeks ago I found out that a company I really like, Pure Paws, was holding a Halloween photo contest. Basically, they wanted a nice groom, with a touch (or more!) of creative, and some of their products in the picture. That's not too hard! I thought it would be fun to do with Sara. The only problem was that I'm in Horsham, PA, and Sara is back home. So I had one chance to do it, a day or two before the contest closed.

I came up with a great idea that I thought it would be quick and easy and look really cool. (I ended up being right about only one of those!) I had already packed away most of my creative gear, since I didn't think I'd need it until after we moved. But I had a can of special pet spray chalk that I figured would work "just as well." It...didn't. It was trickier and messier than I thought. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get things done the way I wanted the first try, and I just didn't have the time for a second try. I think I'll do this again, I know exactly where I went wrong, and how to fix it. It's actually an easy fix, so my next attempt at this really will be quick, easy and fun. Live and learn, eh?

First things first, gotta get set up

Sara notices I have a new watermark
Artwork done by Mario Iati

Now to figure out the lighting...
(Solution: turn off all the lights and block the window)

The might Highland Lynx defends her territory 
Alternative caption: I'm booooooored!!!!

Have you noticed that Sara isn't exactly creatively groomed yet? I was smart and got everything set up BEFORE I groomed her, since I knew the product would be prone to smudging. Good thing I did, it took much longer than I anticipated to figure out how to get everything set up so that it looked good. The pumpkin wanted to reflect back a ton of light, and the labels wanted to wash out entirely. It was frustrating, but we finally got. We just had to turn out all the lights and block one of the two windows. I don't know how there was enough light to take pictures! But it worked. And yes, the entire time Sara was happy to hang out on the table, completely unrestrained. I think she just liked hanging out with us. And she loved the pumpkin! She'd snuggle up against it and purr. 

I love my pumpkin. 
No judgements.

Spooky eyes in the darkness!

Sara, can you look...happier?

That's bored. 
I think.


She means it, folks. 


That's kinda how I felt when the eyes started to smudge. 
Let's all just close our eyes and face palm with a pumpkin.
Creative grooming can be hard in the most unexpected of ways.
Plus it's tricky to get everything lined up just so. 
Groom has to be presented just right, expression has to be just so, camera has to focus...

This ended up being the best picture of the day. Sara and I won 5th place! How exciting and unexpected! Despite the problems I ran into, it was still a lot of fun to do. Sara enjoyed herself, I learned more about creative work, we took a nice picture and what more can anyone ask for?

Huge thanks to Pure Paws for holding another fun contest! 
Also, thanks to the NAPCG for doing the judging.

Be sure to check out  Pure Paws on Facebook to see the rest of the entries!
They are SO GOOD. Congratulations to everyone that won!

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  1. What exactly your kitty is trying to do? Happy holiday season to you. I hope you and your pets have a wonderful holidays. Will look forward to more of your interesting posts.