Monday, September 16, 2013


I'm going to take a break from my Feeling Hot series, which I think I'll repost and then actually finish next Spring.

My local readers probably already know this, but I've left my job at AVC in Reisterstown. I'm ecstatic about this. While I met many, many wonderful kitties and their people, that job was destroying me, increasingly quickly. Having been free for almost a month, I can tell you I feel like a brand new person. 

Unfortunately, I did leave behind an excellent cat grooming void. I believe AVC has someone grooming cats, but I know nothing about her or her skill. I can only recommend my friend and fellow CFMG, Anne Kennedy, as well as CFMG Betsy Spicer. You can go to the NCGIA website to get their information. (There's a bright yellow box on the right hand side of the page "Find a Groomer Near You".)

I do miss my old favorites and regulars already! Good luck and many purrs! 

Last week I moved to Horsham, PA, to start a brand new position at Robbye's Gentle Groomers. Promptly got sick and have been limping along. Luckily I'm almost over this cold, just in time for Hershey Groom Expo! 

I'll be sure to update soon and share my newest adventures. Now I think it's time for some more cold medicine and another nap! 

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