Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding Humor

I have to admit, I love being a cat groomer. Having an off beat, snarky sense of humor is a requirement. There is no end to the amount of fun one can have when talking about being a cat groomer. Of course, due to currently used euphemisms, the ability to accept a fair amount of off-color humor is also required. Luckily I've never had any of that directed at me in a creepy or threatening way, so it's all good!

"science" explaining what we already know

It's been awhile since my last post. Spring is finally here, and I've been trying to be outdoors as much as possible. I've also been busy, busy, busy with grooming! Lots of undercoat removal, lots of seasonal shedding, lots of comb clips and lion clips. Everyone wants to be ready for summer!

As we gear up for one of the busiest times of the year, I've managed to injure myself not once, but twice. I'm such an overachiever! A couple of weeks ago I did 'something' to my back, resulting in me not being able to move for 2 days. I felt so bad having to cancel my kitties! But, when one cannot bend, twist, or otherwise change positions, trying to groom a cat probably is not a safe choice.

I think these guys have the right idea

Yesterday I had an angry cat day. And while working on my first angry cat, she bit me. Ow! Cat bits are Serious Business. If you're ever bitten by a cat, scrub it out immediately and thoroughly with Betadine and get to a doctor! While I did the scrubbing, I had lots of angry cats to groom. So I continued on and finished bathing, clipping, combing and beautifying. 5 hours after I was bitten I finally took myself to urgent care (UNI, if you're local) for some treatment. I was in and out in 28 minutes, the staff was friendly and efficient. Although it was only a quick bite - she CHOMPED and then let go - it was already infected. Just two little punctures and a whole lot of swelling. So today I'm just relaxing at home, soaking my hand in epsom salts and taking my antibiotics like a good girl. It's kinda boring, I'd rather be grooming some angry cats!

cats like to keep their options open

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