Saturday, April 14, 2012

You Gotta Share...

A few days ago my groomer friend Ellen put out a call for pictures of matted cats and dogs. I thought "well, I have tons of THOSE!" and went to find a couple pictures for her. Turns out, I don't have tons of pictures of matted cats. I should! But I don't.

I have no idea why. I groom plenty of matted kitties. I think it has something to do with rarely remembering to bring my camera to work. And then home again for charging and picture removal. Oh well.

I did find a few to send her. The one she used of my the rare Snowshoe Turtle Cat. You can read Ellen's post about the dreaded Once A Year Groom at her blog.

How do we discourage OAY and TAY grooming from happening again? This is a cycle that must be broken because it is not in the best interest of the pet’s basic care. The client needs to be educated starting on their very first visit. I have asked my customers, “How would you feel if you cleaned your ears, trimmed your nails and washed and brushed your own hair once or twice a year?” Most people don’t think of it that way. After all, it’s “just a dog (or cat)” But we know better!  Simply humanizing a pet goes a long way and makes the point quite clear. Maintenance grooming is an important part of owning a pet. It follows next in line after food, water and lots of love.

Lovingly borrowed without permission from Ellen at Royal Canine Mobile Grooming.

Happy Weekend!!!!
Remember, if your cat looks like this,
it's time to come see me!

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