Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Short Hair Cats

One thing that often surprises people is the number of short haired cats I groom. In fact, many people are surprised that short haired cats get groomed at all. I mean...what could possibly be done to a cat with a short coat?

Well, Mr Toes-type grooming aside, there's lots to be done with short hair cats! Many of the problems that long haired cats have are also problems short haired cats have. Don't believe me? Think about it...

greasy, grungy hair that feels gross and smells worse

clumps of hair and dandruff

excess shedding, dingy coat and flakes

excess shedding, dandruff and a funky odor

mats and excess shedding

You've probably  noticed by now that excess shedding, dandruff, mats of all sizes, oily or grody feeling hair and odor are the main problems with short hair cats. Is this nasty critter lounging on your sofa right now? Sleeping on your bed? Batting you in the face with litter box paws and raptor talon claws?

Wouldn't you rather have a cat that is...oh, I don't know...



Flake free and shiny!

not shedding!

mat free!

I don't know about you, but I know my cat is going to be sleeping on my sofa, on my bed, on my pillow, on my lap...she's going to be walking around my house. She's going to touch me. And I'm going to want to pet her. I would much rather pet something that's clean, smells good, isn't going to leave dead skin flakes and dead hair on my hands. And I don't want to feel greasy and dirty after I pet my cat. And I know if I sleep on the sofa that she's going to bap my eyeballs when it's breakfast time. For the sake of my eyelids, I want her nails trimmed!

The truth is, short hair cats benefit from regular, professional grooming just as much as their long coated friends. As a cat owner, you'll enjoy the benefit of having a clean, sweet smelling cat that isn't shedding or coughing up hairballs all the time, that doesn't have flaky skin and dandruff, that doesn't smell bad or feel gross to touch. And trust me, you'll spend less time vacuuming and cleaning the house and more time petting and cuddling your cat! 

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