Thursday, March 24, 2011


Welcome to The Finical Feline! Here you'll find a glimpse into the life of a professional cat groomer. Really, there is such a thing!

In less than 2 weeks I'll begin work at a veterinary hospital. This is a dream job for me. Not only will I be The Cat Groomer (instead of The Dog Groomer That Also Grooms Cats), but I have the opportunity to create a cat-tastic grooming program! Not only will I be grooming, but I'll be educating and encouraging cat owners in their felines' care and well being. We'll be creating a Feline First environment, a place where cat owners will finally have the support and appreciation they deserve.

Stop in from time to time, learn a little, enjoy pictures of kitties and probably read some fantastic stories. Fantastic may be a stretch, but I'll see what I can do. Get ready, this year April showers will bring cat grooming AND May flowers!

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